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Hi. My name is Kathy, AKA LadyBeBop. This blog is combining two of my favorite things in this world...crocheting crazy things and Idol shows from all over the world. Yeah, I know they don't exactly relate..but...well I'm strange. :P

Friday, January 27, 2006

Yeah! It's the weekend.

Considering I haven' t posted since Monday. Haven't really had time. I've been busy trying to juggle finishing the Care Bear for my soon-to-be born great niece and my Elvis afghan. I'm sooooo close to finishing both of them. One or the other should be done by the end of the weekend. Can't wait to take pictures of them to post on line. Can't wait to find the digital camera (now what the **** did I do with it?)

Signed up for the Crochet Olympics over at both Crochetville... and . The jist of have to start and complete a project during the run of the Winter Olympics. The project has to be fair making a bookmark that takes ten minutes. You cannot start until the opening ceremonies in Tornino (appx 2 PM EST on Feb 10), and you must complete by the closing ceremonies on the 26th.

Badrhinogillett, a villager over at Crochetville, posted a link to a cool site of craft graphs. I think it's a Dutch site, but it's also in English. She crocheted an Elmo afghan for her daughter. I'm going to attempt a Snow White baby afghan for my great niece. It's about 80 rows, 60 stitches across. It will definately be a challenge; one row has about 20 color changes. I've already bought the yarn (Coats and Clark Red Heart, the 7 oz skeins), and I'm winding each skein into numerous balls. Hopefully, that will cut down on the knotting I had with the Elvis afghan.

Let's see...Dutch Idol tomorrow (go Floortje). German Idol has the week off. American Idol Las Vegas auditions supposed to be Tuesday, but I think it's being postponed in Cincinnati until the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Guess I'll be taping Idol this Tuesday.


  • At 10:42 PM, Blogger sissie said…

    evening LadyBeBop! I would love to see the pic of your Elvis afghan! I have never seen one and it is crocheted?

    see you over at crochetville


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