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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gearing up for the Olympics....

...the Crochet Olympics. Less than three full days to go. Have my yarn almost ready (I still have to wind the pink yarn...that's going to be my background).

I've done pretty much with the Bengals afghan I've been crocheting. I'm already about half done with the graph...that's a good indication. In about a week...50 rows of about 120 stitches each row. My Snow White afghan is only 90 rows of about 60 stitches each row. I'm confident that I can get the graph portion completed in a week, so I can spend the second week just crocheting many rows of border.

However, I can't be overly confident. There's a lot more color changes to the Snow White afghan than to the Bengals afghan. In one row, I think there's 20 color changes. Whew!

I picked up a skein of multi-shaded pinks and purples at Hobby Lobby...I think that will make a cool border.

Turning to the International Idols...

In Idols Netherland (Dutch Idol), Aaron was voted off this week. The theme was Disco, and Aaron sang one of my all time least favorite songs, "Rock Your Baby." However, he did a fair job to a crappy song. I only caught myself nodding off once or twice.

Best of the week was, for once Raffaela. She shook off a lot of criticism (especially after announcing that her previous lackluster performances were due to her pregnancy), and grooved to LTD's "Back In Love Again."

In DSDS (German Idol), the theme was Big Band. I love Big Band week...but then I love Big Band jazz.

Latin singer wannabe Daniel was voted off this week. He sang a lackluster rendition of "Quando, Quando, Quando." I still don't think that was the worst of the night. The worst belonged to Didi, who muddled through a painful rendition of "Beyond the Sea." Bobby Darin must be rolling over in his grave.

Best of the night by far belonged to Nevio , who gave a powerful showing of "Feeling Good." Unsure of this rumor, but I heard he was in the bottom three? Why? Many of the polls in Germany have him as leading the others...however that's not the same as actually voting. In Germany (as well as most other countries), voting is not free. The phone numbers are the same as the American 1-900 numbers. American and Canada are two of the very few Idol countries with free voting.

In Norway Idol, the semifinals begin later this week. I didn't follow the auditions, and just got videos of their "Hollywood week," so I can't really post that much about them.

And, of course, American Idol just completed its auditions and will start its Hollywood round tomorrow (Wednesday). Can't wait until they announce the top 24.


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