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Hi. My name is Kathy, AKA LadyBeBop. This blog is combining two of my favorite things in this world...crocheting crazy things and Idol shows from all over the world. Yeah, I know they don't exactly relate..but...well I'm strange. :P

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Looking good.....

Just completed row 55 out of 80 of my Snow White Afghan (at first I thought it was 90 rows, but after looking at the graph, I see it's 80 rows). Unless I have a major setback, I should be able to complete the graph portion in the next couple of days. That will allow me about 10 days to add additional rows to make it afghan size.

Turning to the International Idols....

German Idol...Anna Maria was voted off over the weekend. I haven't had the chance to listen to the media yet, so I can't really comment.

Dutch Idol....Serge was eliminated, and deservedly so. He stunk at a category he should have owned (Love Songs) Raffaela, Ellen and Serge were the bottom three, and they were the three worst of the night, in my opinion. Actually, none of the contestants were very good this weekend. Hopefully, they'll be better next weekend as they sing songs in their native, Dutch, tongue.


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